An Indian Wedding is a great occasion

Changing patterns in Indian weddings Changing patterns in Indian weddings
An Indian Wedding is a great occasion and loaded with energy both for the lady of the hour and the prep and every one of the visitors in participation. Throughout the years weddings have developed from basic occasions where family and companions dealt with the majority of the undertakings to a terrific festival which is overseen by experts. Weddings are getting to be plainly greater but then in the meantime a few people have begun leaning toward littler more cozy functions. Here we diagram a portion of the most recent patterns that are getting to be plainly mainstream at Indian weddings.

1. The ascent of Social Media

Nowadays a wedding is deficient without the couple praising it via web-based networking media. What’s more, there are such a variety of choices accessible. You can make your own wedding site where you can post data about the wedding and furthermore pictures and stories about you two. Couples make a wedding hash tag, a facebook page and in some cases even a whatsapp gathering to associate everybody who’s going to the wedding. This makes a buzz around the wedding much before the real wedding and everyone partakes in the fervor.

2. The garments 

Wedding dresses used to be ruled by the shading red or if nothing else related hues like maroon. In any case, nowadays another era of ladies and grooms will explore different avenues regarding a scope of hues while picking their wedding clothing. The ladies have truly raised the stakes! Rather than picking customary outfits, ladies now search out mold beauticians and big name architects to enable them to accomplish flawlessness.

3. Evolving Rituals and customs 

Customary Indian weddings used to highlight expound customs however nowadays couples attempt to comprehend these conventions and regularly they pick and pick make their own particular one of a kind wedding services. One purpose behind this is a considerable measure of relational unions happen now between individuals having a place with various religions or stations.

4. Emergence of Creative Wedding Invitations 

Gone are the days when wedding solicitations were imprinted on paper and conveyed alongside a case of desserts. Couples have a brain boggling cluster of choices to look over. Have a welcome styled along the lines of your most loved bollywood motion picture blurb. Plan your wedding welcome to resemble a pass port to your goal wedding. Or, then again make a delectable palatable wedding welcome imprinted on a bar of chocolate.
The potential outcomes are unfathomable and couples are progressively going in for additional unique alternatives to make their wedding solicitations emerge. Something that is additionally ending up noticeably more well known at Indian weddings is the act of conveying save the dates.

5. Destination Weddings 

An ever increasing number of couples are having their wedding at an excellent area of their decision. There are numerous prevalent alternatives in India for a goal wedding. The quiet shorelines of Goa are a famous decision while others favor beautiful slope stations like Mussourie or Shimla. The old imperial urban communities of Rajasthan particularly Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur additionally make for a terrific wedding area. Though some lean toward the setting of the unceasing landmark to love – The Taj Mahal for their wedding.
Indians are additionally progressively wandering abroad for their goal wedding. Thailand, Bali and Dubai are mainstream decisions.

Save-the-Date Etiquettes

Save-the-date is a relatively new concept in Indian weddings but one that is catching on quickly. It is natural to have some confusion and queries regarding save the dates and here we have tried to address some of them.

Is it important to send a save-the-date?

Of course, you don’t have to send one if you don’t want to, but it will give guests a heads up on your wedding plans. This is especially important if you are planning a destination weddings or a 3-4 day wedding or if you’re marrying popular travel times like a holiday weekend. Since everybody is caught up in their own schedules a Save the Date makes it easier for people to come to your wedding by giving them the information much in advance.

At what time should they be sent?

As a general rule, it’s best to send out your save the date around six to eight months before the ceremony (even earlier for a faraway destination). This gives wedding guests plenty of time to book their tickets and make other arrangements including asking for days off from work. If you send it earlier and they may not pay much attention. Sending a save the date later also will not make sense as you might as well send an invitation.

Which information should be included in a save-the date?

The save-the-date should include the couple’s names, wedding date (or dates) and location. You can also including your wedding website if you have one. You shouldn’t ask your guests to RSVP on a save the date. You are sending them a save the date so that they can figure out whether they can attend the wedding or not. They will RSVP their response once they receive the wedding invitation.

Are save-the-dates formal?

Not at all. Compared to wedding invitations save-the-dates are much less formal. This is your opportunity to play with colors, motifs or fonts to create something that will get guests excited for the occasion. Save the dates can be funky and creative! You can also personalize your save-the-date by using a lovely photograph of the two of you. In fact, it’s a great idea to use your pre-wedding shoot photos is your save-the-dates.

Can we send electronic save-the-dates?

The jury is still out on this. Tradition dictates that the save-the-date be sent by mail. It is usually sent in the form of a card. But these days elaborate gift boxes are also sent as save-the-dates. This way the save-the-date becomes a keepsake or memento for the wedding guests, something they will cherish long after the wedding is over.

On the other hand email is fast and convenient. With a touch of a button you can send out a save the date to everyone you know. And you can do this without having to go through the hassle of getting everyone’s address and physically mailing every save-the-date.

Experts suggest a compromise. Send a save-the-date to close friends, family members and elderly relatives who would appreciate having it as a keepsake. For work colleagues, friends and acquaintances you can send a save-the-date through email.

Changing trends in Indian weddings

An Indian Wedding is a grand event and full of excitement both for the bride and the groom and all the guests in attendance. Over the years weddings have evolved from simple events where family and friends took care of most of the tasks to a grand celebration which is managed by professionals. Weddings are becoming bigger and yet at the same time some people have started preferring smaller more intimate ceremonies. Here we chart some of the latest trends that are becoming popular at Indian weddings.

  1. The rise of Social Media

These days a wedding is incomplete without the couple celebrating it on social media. And there are so many options available. You can create your own wedding website where you can post information about the wedding and also pictures and stories about the two of you. Couples create a wedding hash tag, a facebook page and sometimes even a whatsapp group to connect everyone who’s coming to the wedding. This creates a buzz around the wedding much before the actual wedding and everybody shares in the excitement.

  1. The clothes

Wedding dresses used to be dominated by the colour red or at least related colours like maroon. But these days a new generation of brides and grooms are willing to experiment with a range of colours when choosing their wedding attire. It is the brides who have really upped the ante! Instead of choosing traditional outfits, brides now seek out fashion stylists and celebrity designers to help them achieve perfection.

  1. Evolving Rituals and traditions

Traditional Indian weddings used to feature elaborate rituals but these days couples try to understand these traditions and frequently they pick and choose create their own unique wedding ceremonies. One reason for this is that a lot of marriages happen now between people belonging to different religions or castes.

  1. Emergence of Creative Wedding Invitations

Gone are the days when wedding invitations were printed on paper and delivered along with a box of sweets. Couples have a mind boggling array of options to choose from. Have an invitation styled along the lines of your favourite bollywood movie poster. Design your wedding invitation to look like a pass port to your destination wedding. Or create a delicious edible wedding invitation printed on a bar of chocolate.

The possibilities are endless and couples are increasingly going  in for more off beat options to make their wedding invitations stand out.  Something that is also becoming more popular at Indian weddings is the practice of sending out save the dates.

  1. Destination Weddings

More and more couples are having their wedding at a beautiful location of their choice.  There are many popular options in India for a destination wedding. The serene beaches of Goa are a popular choice while others prefer scenic hill stations like Mussourie or Shimla. The old royal cities of Rajasthan especially Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur also make for a grand wedding location. Whereas some prefer the backdrop of the eternal monument to love – The Taj Mahal for their wedding.

Indians are also increasingly venturing abroad for their destination wedding. Thailand, Bali and Dubai are popular choices.